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Recorded at blurred audio imaging

Cover photograph by Grant's daughter; the bubba.


released May 31, 2013

Ron - Drums
Marshall - Vocals, Guitars and Keys
Jonathan - Bass and Vocals
Grant - Guitars, Keys and Vocals



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Burning Bridges Visalia, California

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Track Name: Tearing At the Seams
It could never be
My reality
I'm forcing out a smile
And holding back a scream

I'm tearing at the seams
Track Name: "You've Come a Long Way, Baby..."
The bullet on my lip
Is hanging like a lit cigarette
And you won't even stop
To let me take a drag off it yet

You keep your words sharp
So they can cut me like a knife
And when you want to talk
You're feeding me your suicide

Step back 'cause you're up in my face
Don't hold me back

To rise
To rise
To rise away from here
To rise
To rise away
Track Name: Strength to Stand
See you standing in the doorway
There wasn't anything I could say
I tried so hard but now I'm empty
There isn't any strength left in me

To stand

Now I'm staring at the ceiling
The shine of light is too revealing
I fought so hard but now I can see
There isn't any fight left in me

To stand

It could get much better, if I could learn to let you go
It's gotta get much better, it couldn't get much worse I know

La-la la la

It's gonna get much, It's gonna get much better
It couldn't get, it couldn't get much worse
Track Name: Backyard Planetarium
Imagine us, when we ditched class
I was scared
But you just laughed
Then you led me by the hand

Imagine us, in your backyard
We lie on grass
And we watch the stars
You knew the name of every one

And how they fit together

You told me each one was a sun
Track Name: Dying In My Dreams
I'm either flying
Or dreaming of dying
Shorelines receding
Wildlife retreating

And moons fall from night skies
Stand there with eyes wide
Ocean is rising
And crashing down on me

It's so beautiful